Perfecting your global presence ...

How many times have you emailed someone in business who has a different email address to their website? Even worse what about when it’s a hotmail or gmail account? Does confusion start to reign and do you start to wonder whether they’re as professional as they say they are?

Similarly, if your email address is not at your web address (domain) then others may feel this way about you and your business. And getting it right is not rocket science either. It just takes someone with the nous and ability to know what to do to help you.

And if you don’t have your own domain then we can help there too. Frisky Corp is a Netregistry Reseller. We only charge the same as Netregistry and we perform automatic domain renewals to ensure no one holds your domain for ransom, if you accidentally let it lapse.

Web and email hosting allows you to build a professional Internet presence for you own name or brand.

Our Key Benefits:

  • Website with your registered domain name
  • Email address with your registered domain name  You can even have multiple emails
  • Emails can be accessed through a Web Browser e.g. Internet Explorer, without the need to use a fixed email program
  • Optional assistance with creating ‘search word rich’ domains, which help Search Engine Optimisation (SEO – your ranking on Google).

This offers a number of advantages over just using the web space or email address provided by your Internet Service Provider  Having everything in your own domain name helps to provide credibility and gives a consistent message to your audience. It also means that if you change ISP’s you can take your web presence and email addresses with you.

Web hosting through Frisky Corp is more affordable than you probably think, so please contact us for more information.

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