Choosing the right hardware ...

There are so many brands, differing specifications and warrantly conditions that sometimes it's hard to navigate the minefield and make the right decison when selecting hardware to meet the needs of your business. When working with our consulting clients we provide a hardware recommendation and procurement service simply because we want them to have maximum reliability and minimal downtime and warranty issues.


Often when IT companies put a server in they make it the cheapest one they can find (which usually means it's slightly outdated technology, or uses substandard or low-tier components). In the long run it costs you more due to slow performance, or worse, downtime which restricts your productivity. This is what we recommend and use Acer brand servers.

Acer has an extensive range of affordable servers ideal for your Small to Medium Business at a price which is more affordable than you might first think. For more information please contact us by clicking here or visit the Acer Web Site.


Look there are lots of good printers around these days and plenty of low prices. But not all printers will handle your workload, or provide you with the room to grow. So if reliable printing and cost effective consumables are an important part of your business then Lanier may be a better choice. Lanier offers a full range of printers and multi-function devices for the office environment, from desktop black and white printers through to production level colour, which is why we recommend them.

For more information or for help in understanding your future needs please contact us by clicking here or visit the Lanier Web Site.

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